Smart Home Technology can give you a better quality of life

A smart home that communicates with itself and you will allow you to monitor temperatures and manage energy use for optimal efficiency and comfort. Some systems even link into security features like locks, lights and cameras.

You can reduce energy consumption up to 15% compared to traditional non-programmable thermostats. We consider every Trane product to be smart, built to last and rigorously tested for reliability. That includes smart home technology, like the ComfortLink™ and ComfortLink™ II communicating controls, along with furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners with communicating capability.

You can also increase your comfort level when you’re away from home. With the Nexia™ Home Intelligence and a Trane ComfortLink™ or ComfortLink™ II communicating control, you and your home are connected and capable partners even when separated by miles. Use the remote power to turn up the heat on your way home from work and step into comfort; or make heating and cooling adjustments while on vacation, as the seasons change. Set Nexia™ to send you alerts should your heating or cooling system need service after you leave. Create weekly schedules on the road from your laptop or smart phone. Nexia™ Home Intelligence puts you in complete control—and it’s a great feeling.

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