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Is your HVAC System affecting your Air Quality

When you have a buildup of dust in your home, it can cause a lot more problems than you may realize. When you use your AC unit, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioner unit to heat or cool your home, then the excess dust can spread allergens and contamination from the ventilation system to the rest of your property.

For the air inside of your home to be improved, there are some things that you as a homeowner can do yourself and other tasks that we professionals can carry out. Enhancing the quality of the air inside of your home means you are living with less contamination. In some cases, the air inside of someone’s home can be more contaminated than the air outside.

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What Air Care Home Solutions can do to improve your indoor air quality:

  • Regular maintenance – When we carry out the annual maintenance check on your HVAC or air conditioning unit, we aren’t just prolonging its life. Maintenance checks also allow us to avert any potential ventilation issues.
  • Air duct cleaning – Dust, debris, and allergens can build up in the air ducts of your home and can cause contaminated air to circulate. We can clean your entire ventilation system and remove any dust, allergens, and debris build up.
  • Filtration – Although all heating and cooling systems come with an air filtration built into them, they don’t always clean the air completely. We can install an air filtration system onto your existing heating and air conditioning system that removes impurities and allergens from the air that flows into your home.

What homeowners can do about indoor air quality:

  • Keep your home clean – Wash all bedding, blankets, comforters, etc., fortnightly to reduce dust mites and allergens. Regularly vacuum your home to remove any excess dust and afterward mop your floors to pick up any dust that the vacuum has left behind. Door mats should be placed at all of your home entrances to stop outside dirt and chemicals from getting into your home.
  • Smoke-free zone – Try not to smoke inside of your home as the tobacco smoke contains a high concentration of pollutants.
  • Minimize pollutants – Try and avoid using harsh cleaning products that are solvent based and synthetically fragranced. They emit many different chemicals into the air some of which can be dangerous. Some plug-in air fresheners have been found to give off several VOCs that are hazardous and toxic under the US federal law. Go for products that are fragrance-free or ones that are naturally scented.
  • Humidity levels – Mold and dust mites thrive in humidity. Keep humidity levels reduced by using a dehumidifier; this will keep allergens and dust mites under control. You can also keep humidity levels down by opening a window when you’re bathing, using the shower, cooking or using the dishwasher.

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